• Daily emails keep you accountable

    Each day you'll receive an email describing the training for the day. While this information is covered in the Simple Running Training book, the daily email will help keep you accountable, ensuring you get out the door for your workout.

  • Weekly Videos

    Every Sunday you'll receive a video covering the training for the upcoming week. Another way to help keep you accountable and moving towards your best marathon.

  • Marathon Recovery

    Four weeks of Marathon Recovery training broken down for you after your marathon. Twenty-eight daily emails that help you stay injury free and have a great future training cycle.

  • The chance to get your questions answered by Coach Jay

    Having the chance to ask Coach Jay training questions will help you train correctly and avoid training mistakes. While Coach Jay can't gurentee that he'll be able to answer every question, there is a very good chance you'll get your questions answered.

  • Guided workouts

    Coach Jay guides you through the first three workouts via downloadable .mp3 files. This a great way to ensure that you get off on the right foot with the Simple Marathon Training system.

Get Your Training on a Silver Platter

There is no doubt that the Simple Marathon Training book will get you to the start line healthy and ready to run well. But if you truly want to be the best runner you can be, you need join Semi-Personal Coaching.

This program gives you the tools to run a better marathon. The benefits of having a personal coach, without the monthly fee. Invest once, for 24 weeks of training, and the chance to get feedback from a world-class coach and a community of runners. 

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  • Amy Feit
    Coach Jay is absolutely amazing. He has helped guide me from being an often injured, slave to my watch runner, to being a strong, healthy, run-by-feel runner. With Jay as my coach I have gone from being a 3:34 marathoner with a goal of getting under 3:30, to recently rocking a 2:58! Like I said - AMAZING!"
    Amy Feit
  • Cindy Kuzma, Freelance health and fitness writer and contributing editor to Runner’s World Magazine
    Jay’s training system works beautifully for runners who aim for excellence in every area of their lives—athletically, personally and professionally. He understands that we’re busy, but still want to run our best: he’s helped me do just that.”
    Cindy Kuzma, Freelance health and fitness writer and contributing editor to Runner’s World Magazine

What makes Simple Marathon Training and Semi-Personal Coaching different than other programs?

Running doesn't need to be complicated, which is one of the beautiful things about the sport. What follows are the ingredients of the Simple Marathon Training system, a system for busy adults with hectic lives. The ingredients are not complicated, yet when you combine them all you get a sound training program that will help every type of marathon runner.

Running By Feel  |  The first concept that you must embrace in the SMT system is running by feel. 

The Long Run |  The weekly long run is the most important day of the week in the SMT system. 

Challenging Aerobic Workouts  |  There are a variety of workouts you’ll do in the SMT system on Tuesdays, but all of them have one common goal: to improve your aerobic metabolism. 

SAM – Strength and Mobility  |  The SAM work will follow each running workout and cross training day in the SMT system. 

Lunge Matrix and Leg Swings  |  In the SMT system you will take five minutes before your run to do two things: 1) the Lunge Matrix 2) the Leg Swings.

Easy Days Have To Be Easy and Include Strides |  The key thing to remember when you’re running on easy days is you are going to recover from the workouts and long runs you’re doing during the week IF you run easy and slowly.

Run Just Five Days a Week, But Be Active Every Day of the Week  |  Five days of running, one day of cross training, and one day of brisk walking to run a solid marathon performance.

An Extra Ingredient That Can Make a Huge Difference: AIF Rope Stretching
Active Isolated Flexibility, made popular in the running world by Phil and Jim Wharton, is far and away the best use of your time if you want to have the flexibility necessary to train at a high level. 

Follow these eight ingredients and sign-up for Semi-Personal Coaching to get the right guidance to run your best marathon.

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